Dec 102010
Arts Fuse Book Review: All You Want to Know about Great Jazz and Pop Singers

I never knew I needed to own a book like this, but I undoubtedly do. If there is anyone you know who loves singing and isn’t a snob about genre, this book would be a great holiday gift. It’s a [...]

Nov 292010
The Fuse in London: Jazz Festival Diary 7

A modern version of the venerable double bill: first, Drácula, a 1931 Spanish-language film accompanied by guitarist Gary Lucas performing his half-improvised original score. Next came the film Spark of Being, a re-imagining of the plot of Frankenstein, co-directed by [...]

Nov 042010
Fuse Music Review — The New World Jazz Composers Octet: Big Ideas, Small Boxes

With musicians of the NWJCO’s caliber, there never was a question that the music would be performed well in concert. It’s more that, after living with this repertoire for almost a year, the players took greater possession of the music [...]

Sep 222010
Music Review: Kurt Rosenwinkel & Orquestra de Jazz de Montesinhos (OJM) – A Temporary Relationship

Kurt Rosenwinkel’s compositional style is undeniably ingenious and appealing; it is strong on tuneful, singable lines that move logically from chord to chord and occasionally lead listeners to unexpected places. Our Secret World. Wommusic CD; $15.99 via Amazon; $14.99 [ [...]