Dec 142011
Fuse Silent Film Feature: Soviet Masterpiece "Battleship Potemkin" Steams into Town with a New Score

As the Occupy and Tea Party movements attest, this is a time in America of social action and political upheaval -– not to the degree that we see in “Battleship Potemkin,” but significant nonetheless –- and this classic silent film has resonance today in that regard.

Aug 242011
Fuse Film Feature: Nathan the Wise — A Silent Film for Humanity

Thought to be lost, the only existing print of NATHAN THE WISE was discovered in Moscow in 1996. The Coolidge Corner Theater is screening a tinted and beautifully restored version of the film, with an original score by Aaron Trant performed live by the After Quartet.

Nov 292010
The Fuse in London: Jazz Festival Diary 7

A modern version of the venerable double bill: first, Drácula, a 1931 Spanish-language film accompanied by guitarist Gary Lucas performing his half-improvised original score. Next came the film Spark of Being, a re-imagining of the plot of Frankenstein, co-directed by [...]