Oct 302011
Caldwell Titcomb, Theater and Music Critic — Words of Remembrance

There was a memorial service for Caldwell Titcomb, invaluable friend of the arts in New England, yesterday in the Memorial Church at Harvard University. He passed away on June 12th of leukemia at the age of 84. The ceremony was moving and heartfelt, with memories shared about Caldwell as a friend, composer, critic, grammarian, teacher, brother, long-time President of the Elliot Norton Awards, and researcher in African-American history.

Jan 302011
Coming Attractions in Popular Music: February 2011

After January’s brief hibernation, the pop music coming attractions column is back for the month of February to deliver what you crave: music, sweet music. (Cue dancing in the street.) Wait . . . what’s that you say? The streets [...]