Jan 172011
Fuse Book Review: A Brilliantly Phantasmagorical “Calendar of Regrets”

A novel of echoes, reflections (sometimes inverted), and criss-crossing lines, Lance Olsen’s Calendar of Regrets locates nodes of intersection, spotlights the forgotten, and magnifies the unnoticed. Calendar of Regrets by Lance Olsen. Fiction Collective, 456 pages, $22. By Vincent Czyz. [...]

Jan 022011
Fuse Commentary/Review: Modernism Takes To The Barricades

In this valuable book, Gabriel Josipovici raises radical doubts about the aesthetic and spiritual satisfactions of conventional storytelling as well as the unquestioned values of realism, at one point condemning writers simply content to tell a story “and telling it [...]

May 102010
Coming Attractions at Museums: May 2010

By Peter Walsh Sowers United at the Museum of Fine Arts Despite the Romantic Era notion that great art is always original, artists have always borrowed (or “reimagined” or stolen) each other’s ideas. Modern copyright lawyers would have had a [...]