Apr 242014
Jazz Week 2014:  Wall-to-Wall Jazz with No Walls

Jazz Week 2014′s theme of “No Walls: A salute to the power of jazz to bring people together” emphasizes the place of jazz on the world stage.

Feb 062014
Fuse Movie Review: "The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz" -- Martyr to Prosecutors’ Zeal?

Aaron Swartz is indeed a martyr, but there’s more here. The film identifies an ongoing battle over control of information as much as it explores a troubled life that ended far too soon.

Mar 042012
Coming Attractions in Underground Music: March 2012

March brings a solid lineup of experimental music, including electronic and indie rock shows. The indisputable highlight of the month is Steve Reich at MIT.

May 052011
Fuse Visual Arts: Pythagoras Returns — Sound Sculpture at Kendall T Stop Chimes Again (Revised)

What the artist didn’t count on was the popularity of the Kendall Band, coupled with its fragility relative to the strength and number of its users, would result in frequent breakdowns. The Kendall Band was the only interactive piece of [...]

Apr 102011
Fuse Commentary: The Brave New World of Videogame Art

So let’s steady that swaying hive, put down the poking stick, and take a deep breath. Games continue to evolve in creative, unexpected ways, and the mechanics of gameplay can form the basis of intriguing and thought-provoking works of art.

Jan 242011
Fuse Culture Review: AT MIT, an exhilarating example of 21st-century, multi-media collaboration

It would have been easy to make an entire season out of the ideas the Boston Chamber Music Society compressed into one afternoon; as it is, the wealth of material had the audience buzzing during the two intermissions. Some found [...]

Sep 302010
Classical Music Sampler: October 2010

By Caldwell Titcomb. October 2: The Longwood Symphony Orchestra opens its 28th season, the sixth under conductor Jonathan McPhee, with a program of Sibelius and Delius. Award-winning Zina Schiff will be soloist in the demanding Sibelius Violin Concerto. Also on [...]