Dec 052011
The Annual Arts Fuse Holiday Gift Roundup — Tips From the Experts

Wondering about what to give the arts and culture lover on your gift list? No problem — the sage writers for The Arts Fuse (with an assist from our readers) come to the rescue with thoughtful suggestions.

Oct 112011
Fuse Jazz Feature: Exploring the Spirit of John Coltrane's Music, On the Page and the Concert Stage

Anthony Wallace’s interview on last year’s John Coltrane Memorial Concert, which includes questions about a book on the musician’s spirituality, offers plenty to think about before the 2012 version of the homage to the master musician, which takes place on November 3rd.

Dec 272007
Music Review: Becoming Coltrane: Part One

By J. R. Carroll This review/commentary will focus on Coltrane’s recordings with the Miles Davis Quintet for Columbia (in October 1955 and June and September 1956) and Prestige (in November 1955 and May and October 1956), as well as a [...]