Dec 172016
Commentary: Top Classical Recordings of 2016

I make no claims to have listened to everything released in 2016; here are my picks for the top classical recordings of the year.

Aug 272015
Fuse CD Reviews: John Adams’ "Absolute Jest" (SFS Media); Alexander Melnikov plays Schumann (Harmonia mundi)

John Adams’ Absolute Jest is a sheer blast of fun, wildly inventive and, at its best, a vertiginous collage.

Oct 232014
Fuse Commentary: “I’ve neither seen nor heard it, but I don’t like it. (And neither should you.)”: "The Death of Klinghoffer" Meets the Know-Nothing Protest

What we seem to have here is one of the glories of our democracy in action: the blind leading the oblivious; aping distortions and downright falsehoods about the opera.

Aug 182014
Fuse Concert Review: Monadnock Music's Season Finale -- The Stuff of Inspiration

Things are going well with Monadnock Music: before Saturday’s concert kicked off, managing director Christopher Sink announced that the festival had cleared its financial debts as it heads into next year’s 50th anniversary season.

May 212014
Fuse CD Reviews: John Adams’ "City Noir" and Saxophone Concerto (Nonesuch) and Howard Hersh’s "Angels and Watermarks"

Howard Hersh hails from northern California, and, as in John Adams’ “City Noir,” the music on Hersh’s album, “Angels and Watermarks,” embraces polyglot West Coast culture in various ways.

Mar 162013
Arts Fuse CD Review: Attacca Quartet’s Adventurous “Fellow Traveler” (Azica Records)

This album manages to impressively realize the depth and versatility of John Adams’s music for string quartet. It also announces the arrival of a phenomenal ensemble that plays with a mix of maturity, adventure, and musical insight: this is a group to follow closely and cheer.