Mar 162014
Fuse Concert Review: George Clinton -- Still Delivering Up the Funk After All These Years

A case could very easily be made for George Clinton as an anarchistic innovator who has played a larger role than he gets credit for in shaping a genre of music which probably defines the mainstream now more than any other.

Jun 082010
Popular Music Review: Light and Darkness in The National

Perhaps independent music’s biggest “it” band right now, The National have recently released their fifth album, and appear on the brink of crossing the threshold from well-kept secret to mainstream sensation, if their recent back-to-back sold out shows at Boston’s [...]

Jun 042010
Coming Attractions: Popular Music in June 2010

By Thomas Samph This month’s music selection is all about trying something new. One of my selected artists recorded her entire album in a church. One guy kissed another guy on stage at an awards show that was on live [...]

May 032010
Coming Attractions: Popular Music in May 2010

By Thomas Samph This month’s music is all about catchy, sing-along, pop music. There are girl groups, guy groups, throwbacks, and teenage YouTube celebrities coming to Boston in May. With summer right around the corner and the heat returning to [...]

Mar 302010
Coming Attractions: Popular Music in April 2010

By Thomas Samph Vampire movies, dirty whigs, Wilco beer, peace bombs, Russian retrograde, tappin’ khakis, and sweaty Soviet soirees are just a few reasons why April is a great month for music listeners in Boston. The month starts off with [...]