Sep 302014
Fuse Book Review: "Landscapes of the Metropolis of Death" --  A New Language for Living with Auschwitz

Otto Dov Kulka’s exploration of the time he spent in Auschwitz as a child won the 2014 Jewish Quarterly-Wingate prize, one of the judges calling it “the greatest book on Auschwitz since Primo Levi.”

Feb 282012
Fuse Book Review: Annotating Jane — An Illuminating New Edition of Austen’s Persuasion

This invaluable addition to the Austen literature offers two for the price of one: a beautifully designed and printed edition of the novel many consider her best and a parallel critical commentary that deepens our understanding and opens up a rich, textured view of her world and time.

Apr 252011
Fuse Book Review — A Wilde Child Restored: Dorian Gray Uncensored

Editor Nicholas Frankel is right to argue that familiarity with Oscar Wilde’s original manuscript of The Picture of Dorian Gray deepens its vision, suggesting that the 1891 novel is a far less morally reassuring tale than readers have thought. The [...]

Apr 142011
Fuse Book Review: A Fascinating Meditation on Jewish Maps of Time

“Palaces of Time” is a exquisitely illustrated, elegantly written account of the history of Jewish calendars in early modern Europe, as well as a meditation on what they represented — profound reflections of the Jewish experience as it passed through time.