Nov 022013
Fuse Theater Review: "Mameloschn" -- Three Jewish Women Living Through the History of Germany

Refreshingly, playwright Marianna Salzmann manages to be political without being didactic. Her characters live (rather than preach) through history, grappling with the transition from totalitarianism to democracy.

Jun 292012
Fuse Book Review: Robert Walser’s Big Small Thoughts — Modest But Miraculous

In his prose and poetry, Swiss writer Robert Walser revolts from the chaos of modernity, engaging in extreme subjectivity only to confess to the heresy that is the self, choosing to revel in the simplicity of the rural life. Not for truth, but for the sake of a fleeting rapture.

Dec 252011
Fuse Books: A Few Year End Literary Favorites

As the year nears its end, time is running out to write at length about some of the new books that gave me pleasure. Thus this quick list of favorites. As usual, my taste runs to prose that’s off-the-beaten-path.

Aug 242011
Fuse Film Feature: Nathan the Wise — A Silent Film for Humanity

Thought to be lost, the only existing print of NATHAN THE WISE was discovered in Moscow in 1996. The Coolidge Corner Theater is screening a tinted and beautifully restored version of the film, with an original score by Aaron Trant performed live by the After Quartet.