Aug 102015
Fuse Book Review: "Imperium" -- A Shock-Packed Pastiche of History

In this entertaining satire of empire, Christian Kracht makes use of a nihilistic magic realism, without the sweetness one normally associates with that mode.

Apr 102014
Fuse Commentary: Wes Anderson, Stefan Zweig, and Discovering the Value of "The World of Yesterday"

Perhaps a movie such as “The Grand Budapest Hotel, which is much more than a zany comedy, can lead us back, as director Wes Anderson may have intended, to the fabulous writing of Stefan Zweig.

Feb 252013
Fuse Book Review: Roving Free Agents of the Imagination

Autobiography, personal essay, history, current affairs, or literary criticism, many are the guises under which travel writing has seduced readers of decidedly categorical bent.

Aug 072012
Fuse Book Feature: Authors Bernhard Schlink and Joyce Hackett on the Craft of Writing and Writing About the Past

Sponsored by the Harvard Writing Program and the Harvard Summer School, the event was introduced, perhaps humorously, to the audience as a “meeting of German–American relations.” In reality, it was a more of a showcase in differences about each country’s historical imagination.