Sep 092010
Coming Attractions in Jazz:  Early September 2010

By J. R. Carroll While the big event for September is the Beantown Jazz Festival, which we’ll cover in detail in our upcoming posts, the first half of the month is packed with performances that stretch the geographical and conceptual [...]

Jul 012010
Coming Attractions in Jazz:  July 2010

By J. R. Carroll Not going away doesn’t mean you have to stay at home; there’s plenty of live jazz within easy reach. The summer jazz festival season goes into high gear this month (watch for a Midsummer Festival Update [...]

Dec 012009
Coming Attractions in Jazz: December 2009

By J. R. Carroll December is always an exasperating month for jazz fans: The first week is crammed with more events than any human without self-cloning abilities can possibly attend; after that, the major clubs close their doors many evenings [...]