Aug 312011
Coming Attractions in Theater: September 2011

Every September proffers an explosion of productions; as usual, my eclectic picks, driven by my prejudice for the new. There are few world premieres among the openers this season, aside from the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival’s “Once in a Lifetime” and Arts Emerson’s presentation of The Foundry Theatre’s “How Much is Enough.”

Jul 292011
Coming Attractions in Theater: August 2011

A busy month of theater, especially for off-speed, postmodern romances, while old-timers such as the Gershwins and Tennessee Williams receive some attention as well.

Jun 012011
Coming Attractions in Theater: June 2011

June is a transitional month for theater — the big Summer Festivals don’t hit their stride until July. But odd and interesting productions pop up, such as a view of life for women in Putin’s Russia, a musical about union activity, a glimpse of what’s billed as “the future of ensemble theatre in America,” and the world premiere of a musical version of the Bible’s Song of Songs that, who knows, might usher in a Summer of Love.

Dec 262010
Coming Attractions in Theater: January 2011

The new year kicks off with some welcome signs of frisky energy, though it would be nice to see more new plays. Respectability is provided by a homage to Rose Kennedy as well as productions of Pulitzer and Tony award-winning [...]

Oct 312010
Coming Attractions in Theater: November 2010

Holiday season is kicking in, which means it becomes harder to find theater that doesn’t set out to warm your heart and melt your mind. Though a Santaland Diary or two remains, the vogue for cynical Xmas shows has run [...]