Jul 132017
Visual Arts Commentary: Expanding Abstraction -- What's So Narrow About That?

Expanding Abstraction is a success because it does what it set out to do: to highlight the visions of New England’s female abstract painters.

Nov 042010
Theater Commentary: Two Tons Dropped on A Delicate Balance

Years (or would that be decades?) ago, editors had the self-respect to be embarrassed by critical incompetence, perhaps because there was the assumption that knowledgeable people were reading the paper. Those discriminating readers are long gone from the marginalized arts [...]

Mar 132008
Cultural Commentary: Crunch Time for Arts Coverage at The Boston Globe

by Bill Marx A recent study in Editor & Publisher delivers the lowdown; with its circulation down about 20% in four years, The Boston Globe is in free fall. Two major investors in The New York Times, which owns the [...]

Oct 202007
Fuse Commentary: Does Playwriting Have a Future?

To mark the dedication of the New College Theatre at Harvard on October 17, a panel of four playwrights gathered to address the question “Does Playwriting Have a Future?” To allay suspense, the answer is yes (whew, that’s a relief).