Aug 262011
Fuse Poetry Review: Portrait of a Predicament

I wouldn’t be writing this review or asking you to read this book if I didn’t believe that McLane were up to something far more radical and also far more difficult to reckon with—something I am not even sure I can account for. The most significant quality of the poetry in “World Enough” is a profound and unapologetic ambiguity.

May 062011
Fuse Poetry Commentary: Verse Into Verse — "Poetry" Awards Poetry a Prize

In the future, when a literary historian looks at the long-forgotten Lilly Prize and wonders what did its selection panels get right, it will be recognized that it had been sensitive and intelligent enough to realize the beauty of David [...]

Nov 132010
Fuse Poetry: On “Falling Back”— Six Poems Published in The New York Times Op-Ed Page

Was Sunday, November 7th some sort of equinox? Were there sunspots? Whatever the cause, six poems, to my delight and surprise, appeared in the Op-Ed pages of The New York Times as a feature called “Falling Back.” I’d like to [...]

May 262010
Book Review: Getting Closer To Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman is an exuberant poet, and fellow versifier C. K. Williams is exuberant about Whitman in this wonderfully perceptive introduction to his poetry. On Whitman (Writers on Writers) by C. K. Williams. Princeton University Press, 208 pages, $19.95 Reviewed [...]