Apr 302013
Fuse Book Commentary: Two Cheers for British Poet, Book Artist, and Visionary William Blake

Susanne M. Sklar’s study is the best exploration of William Blake’s miraculously bewildering masterpiece that I know of — thoughtful, scholarly, imaginative, and supremely sympathetic to the poet’s ornery complexity as well as his capacity to inspire wonder.

Apr 292013
Fuse Concert Review: The Boston Lyric Opera Takes a Fresh Look at "The Flying Dutchman"

The Boston Lyric Opera’s production of “The Flying Dutchman” may not the subtlest you will see — the Freudian elements are slathered on pretty thick — but the nervy dramatic concept adds to our understanding of the opera without compromising its core elements.

Apr 272013
Fuse Visual Arts Review: At the Currier Museum of Art and the MFA -- Bask in the Deadly Splendor of the Samurai

The time is short, but the opportunity rich via these two exhibitions, to bask in the military culture of old Japan, with all of its deadly splendor.