Feb 272013
Fuse Theater Review: New York Theater Roundup — "Clive," "The Dance and the Railroad" and "The Flick"

By planning ahead, and purchasing one flexpass, I was able to see a trio of plays in New York during a single weekend for well under $200 — a bargain price for world-class theater productions.

Feb 252013
Fuse Concert Review: Aisslinn Nosky and the Handel and Haydn Society/Harry Christophers

Handel and Haydn artistic director Harry Christophers placed a composer who is familiar, but not always the focus of attention, front and center, and, in the process, reminded us just how good a musician Haydn was.

Feb 252013
Fuse Book Review: Roving Free Agents of the Imagination

Autobiography, personal essay, history, current affairs, or literary criticism, many are the guises under which travel writing has seduced readers of decidedly categorical bent.