Oct 312012
Fuse Book Review: A Flimsily Built "House of the Interpreter"

Instead of exploring his inner life at the time or his adult understanding of the institution that shelters him, Ngũgi wa Thiong’o draws a dispassionate and largely predictable report of boarding school life.

Oct 312012
Coming Attractions in Local Rock — November 2012

November starts off with efforts to recover from Hurricane Sandy. Once the power comes back, hit the town for some tunes and some strong adult beverages to ease the pain of completing the insurance paperwork.

Oct 302012
Coming Attractions in Film: November 2012

School is in full session, family holidays are looming, a nail biting election is imminent (or past), but films are up to the challenge, whether you are looking for art or escape. The Boston Jewish Film Festival brings 45 films to 10 Boston area locations, B.U.and UMass host free film screenings with filmmaker talk backs, Harvard offers a classy horror flick, the ICA has commercials, and there are shorts galore.

Oct 282012
Fuse Classical CD Reviews: John Harbison’s “Winter’s Tale” (Soloists, Boston Modern Orchestra Project/Gil Rose) and Derek Bermel’s Canzonas Americanas (Alarm Will Sound/Alan Pierson)

If you think contemporary music is the domain of fusty academics and has no bearing on (or relationship to) the outside world, you really need to check out “Canzonas Americanas.”

Oct 272012
Fuse Theater Review: Eighteenth Century Pen Pals — Voltaire and Frederick

Playwright Gericke-Schönhagen, hoping to avoid the phenomenon of talking heads, deliberately placed emphasis on those letters between Voltaire and Frederick that dramatized personalities rather than ideas.