Sep 302012
Fuse Theater Review: Les 7 Doigts de la Main Return to Boston With the Innovative Artistry of "Sequence 8"

The agility of Les 7 Doigts de la Main’s acrobats may be the spectacle that draws audiences in to see “Séquence 8,” but it’s their decision to treat acrobatics and other types of circus virtuosity as a form of acting that offers a new, intimate direction for the nouveau cirque genre.

Sep 292012
Fuse Theater Review: Two Plays About Desperate People, Members of the 47%

The questions at stake are good ones and not asked very often in contemporary plays: why do some win and others lose in America? And what are the responsibilities of the haves and the have-nots?

Sep 272012
Fuse Stage Interview: The Theater Offensive Brings Lenelle Moïse's "Expatriate" to Boston

“One of the enormous changes I’ve seen is that in big city theater scenes, queer work isn’t so scarce anymore, which is great. These days, no major theater company in a city like Boston would program its season without discussing what might be of interest to gay men.”

Sep 262012
Fuse Concert Review: Joseph Silverstein and the Boston Conservatory Orchestra/Bruce Hangen at Sanders Theater

Now a remarkably energetic eighty, violinist Joseph Silverstein may have lost a bit of his former technical facilities, but his playing is marked by musical sensibilities that come from his many years of experience.

Sep 252012
Fuse Book Interview: Novelist and Short-Story Writer Nathan Englander Is Happy to Go Back to Basics

Nathan Englander’s first play, “The Twenty-Seventh Man,” opens at the Public Theater in New York tonight. Fuse Editor Bill Marx spoke to the acclaimed, best-selling writer about the script and the production when Englander visited Wellesley College recently.