Aug 292012
Fuse Arts Commentary: WGBH Damage Control -- Lip Service for Jazz

The plans to serve the jazz community that WGBH offered to JazzBoston during the meeting, from an internet jazz station to making Eric Jackson more visible on the station’s talk shows, are only part and parcel of the strategic dithering, a cover for lowering standards and doing little.

Aug 232012
Fuse TV Review: Netflix Keeps "Arrested Development" For the Sake of Our Sanity

Had “Arrested Development” been aired after the recession, the series’ chances for survival would have benefited from the nation’s need for a healthy laugh at a time of monetary meltdown.

Aug 222012
Fuse Book Commentary: A Case for Negative Book Reviews

Why does Laura Miller feel, given her belief that negative reviews are often useless, that she has to kick criticism while it is down? Why argue against the efforts of a small number of delusional reviewers in major publications who continue to speak fruitless negativity to the indifferent masses?

Aug 212012
Short Fuse:  Russian Dissident Garry Kasparov — Going to Jail for Pussy Riot

Unlike the rock star supporters of Pussy Riot, Garry Kasparov lives in Moscow, which means, given how the Putin regime has dealt with critics, he has a lot more to fear than, say, Madonna, who nevertheless should be applauded for speaking out at her Moscow concert.