Jul 312012
Fuse Book Review:  "Motherless Child" — The Redemptive Powers of Classical Music

For anyone interested in classical music, “Motherless Child” is a novel to be savored. And there is no doubt that Zeitlin has gotten those details right. She is the widow of the great violinist and teacher, Zvi Zeitlin, who died this past May at 90.

Jul 272012
Coming Attractions in Jazz:  Midsummer Festivals 2012

Updated: Brazilian jazz vocalist Leny Andrade performs at the Deer Isle Jazz Festival on Saturday, July 28.The first half of July, dominated by Independence Day festivities, is–fireworks aside–pretty quiet in New England. But then the festival season really kicks into gear.

Jul 272012
Coming Attractions in Film: August 2012

If your streaming device is re-buffering, or you are tired of watching “Lawrence of Arabia” on your computer, August is a great month to get to a theater. There are some new releases worth seeing, but Boston and vicinity offers some unique opportunities to take in some terrific revivals.

Jul 242012
Fuse Music Review: 2012 Green River Festival — A Touch of the Idyllic

Through the years, the Green River Festival has grown and I found this year it was harder to get into some of the smaller stages. It might be time to bump up the size of some of the smaller tents, so that people outside the tent can see what’s happening on the stage inside the tent, too.