Jun 302012
Classical Music Sampler: July 2012

The Boston Symphony Orchestra’s (BSO) residency at Tanglewood begins with an all-Beethoven concert on July 6th and runs through August 26th (when it concludes with a John Harbison premiere and more Beethoven –- the Ninth).

Jun 302012
Fuse Cultural Commentary: The Rise of Book Product — Fifty Shades of Blech

Book product, much like food product, is manufactured –- from its very inception, designed to make money by shameless pandering to mainstream taste.

Jun 292012
Fuse Book Review: Robert Walser’s Big Small Thoughts — Modest But Miraculous

In his prose and poetry, Swiss writer Robert Walser revolts from the chaos of modernity, engaging in extreme subjectivity only to confess to the heresy that is the self, choosing to revel in the simplicity of the rural life. Not for truth, but for the sake of a fleeting rapture.

Jun 282012
Coming Attractions in Film: July 2012

Wouldn’t you know it, just when you thought July would be all Red Sox games, bike rides, hikes, and weekend get-a-ways, there’s a whole lot of great films to keep you occupied. This month includes classics, new documentaries, a giant screen, and two festivals –- the Maine Film Festival and Boston’s venerable French Film Festival.

Jun 272012
Coming Attractions in Local Rock: July 2012

With the first official heat wave behind us, summer is now in full swing and there is a ton happening musically in New England. This month local music shows off its diversity.

Jun 262012
Coming Attractions in Underground Music: July 2012

July brings a solid list of rock shows — and one good electronic gig — full of intelligent dance music. You should trudge through the humidity and lightning to get to one of these shows. I’d particularly recommend Gary War.