Nov 292011
Fuse Classical Music Review: Boston Symphony Orchestra/Ludovic Morlot at Symphony Hall

While I’m not necessarily sold on this particular interpretation of Mahler Symphony no. 1, it was a thoughtful reading led with conviction; conductor Ludovic Morlot drew a committed performance from the BSO, and that counts for something.

Nov 292011
Fuse Book Review: A Brave New Perspective on the Arts and Sciences — "Galileo’s Muse"

“Galileo’s Muse” is a gem of a book: shedding new light on a figure as well-examined as Galileo is no simple task. Author Mark Peterson does so with aplomb, while also telling a fascinating story of the evolution of mathematics and the arts.

Nov 282011
Fuse Classical Music Review: Boston Early Music Festival's Duo of Charpentier Operas Delights

I keep being surprised by the brilliant productions and overall excellence of the concerts Boston Early Music Festival presents.

Nov 262011
Fuse Book Review: A Couple of Nihilists Ready for a Piece of the Action

Both of these novels about social corruption should be in every Occupy Wall Street library in the country: inequality is not a matter of fate but the result of an exhausted acquiescence to subterfuge.

Nov 252011
Arts Fuse Visual Arts Review: Lopsided Partners in Surrealism — Man Ray and Lee Miller

Man Ray | Lee Miller, Partners in Surrealism explores the relationship between two of the most celebrated surrealists of the 20th century, but the pattern of influence comes off as revealingly lopsided — the female artist of the pair more often than not inspired the male.