May 312011
Classical Music Sampler: June 2011

June is not a month that lends itself to an easy gathering of concert recommendations, mostly because it presents an an embarrassment of riches. Many festivals are in full swing, others just beginning.

May 262011
Fuse Arts Interview: Celebrity Series' Marty Jones Looks Back With Candor

“People often ask what is the biggest change in the arts in Boston over 30 years, and it all has to do with technology. Diminished funding, economic downturns, and 9/11 all changed things. But what’s really driven change is technology.”

May 252011
Fuse Visual Arts Review: Chihuly's Magic Glass — Testaments to the Beauty of Vivacity

“Through the Looking Glass” is a glorious celebration of American fine art and a much-needed boost to the MFA’s Americas wing collection. Amid the drab puritanical portraits and the remarkably unremarkable display of colonial dressers, Chihuly’s glassworks are testaments to [...]