Mar 302011
Fuse Classical Music Feature: D’Anna Fortunato and The Music of Our Time

One of the most interesting concerts of the season occurs on April 5th at NEC’s Jordan Hall in Boston, MA. The wonderful mezzo soprano D’Anna Fortunato will perform, with a stellar group of musicians, vocal chamber music of the twentieth century in honor of Gunther Schuller’s 85th birthday.

Mar 272011
Fuse Classical Music Review: The Mastery of Guitarist John Williams

Once he managed to get his recalcitrant instrument in tune, guitarist John Williams played each piece with great mastery. One might not remember the names of the composers or even what each composition sounded like, but no one will forget the sheet beauty of his guitar playing

Mar 262011
Fuse Classical Music Review: The Astounding Tenor Matthew Polenzani

The world of tenors has expanded exponentially, it would seem, since the days when Luciano Pavoratti and Placido Domingo dominated the big tenor roles and the attention of the media and opera-loving public. Domingo, astonishingly, is still singing brilliantly, conducting, and running an opera company, but recently there have been a good half dozen excellent youngish tenors singing at the Met, including the fabulously gifted lyric tenor Matthew Polenzani.

Mar 252011
Fuse Theater Review: An Epic Tale of Pursuer and Pursued — NT Live’s “Frankenstein”

In this compelling stage version of “Frankenstein,” urgency of revenge pushes forward, murder upon murder. Creature and Doctor merge in immorality. Both are playing God in their command of life and death. Sharing roles is the meaning of this theatrical experience. This is their message and their show.