Feb 282011
Fuse Theater Review: Hotel Nepenthe — Rooms with a Comically Existential View

Hard luck stories and ghostly characters flit in and out of the creepy yet elegant Hotel Nepenthe, an antique nest where guests are given leopard skin coats while they await their existential fates, sometimes lying in the bathtub. “For its [...]

Feb 282011
Coming Attractions in Underground Music: March 2011

Things are heating up in Boston this month with some more indie pop, psychedelic rock, and electronic shows. Also, we’re starting to get some legitimate dance music from across the pond, a trend that will most likely continue. Get out [...]

Feb 282011
Classical Music Sampler: March 2011

March highlights include the American premiere of Boston Camerata’s homage to mystics of the Middle ages, innovative programming from the Chameleon Arts Ensemble, and appearances by heavyweights pianist Evgeny Kissin, paying homage to birthday boy Franz Liszt, and guitarist John [...]

Feb 272011
Coming Attractions in Film: March 2011

March is shaping up to be the month for strong, female leads. Hollywood has its eye turned toward the classics, with Jane Eyre, Red Riding Hood, and a modern, stylized take on Alice in Wonderland in Sucker Punch. In addition, [...]

Feb 262011
Coming Attractions in Theater: March 2011

An exciting month, and that isn’t hyperbole. A couple of North American premieres: a futuristic opera from MIT’s Tod Machover and poet Robert Pinsky and a drama tweaking The New Testament from Howard Brenton. Toss in iconic director Peter Brook staging Beckett, F. Murray Abraham as Shylock, and Car Talk:The Musical and you are talking about taking out the smelling salts

Feb 242011
Fuse Classical Music Review: Masterworks Chorale Offers a Contemplative Tchaikovsky

The Masterworks Chorale doesn’t get the critical attention or large audiences it rightly deserves. Friday’s concert may not have been as well-attended as it should have been, but those in the audience realized they were having a rare and extraordinary listening experience.