Oct 312010
Coming Attractions in Theater: November 2010

Holiday season is kicking in, which means it becomes harder to find theater that doesn’t set out to warm your heart and melt your mind. Though a Santaland Diary or two remains, the vogue for cynical Xmas shows has run [...]

Oct 312010
Fuse Music Review: NEC Jazz Orchestra, directed by Ken Schaphorst — Harlem Comes to Jordan

Why should you have been in Jordan Hall on October 21? First, to hear Ken Schaphorst’s reconstruction of Duke Ellington’s “Harlem,” aka “A Tone Parallel to Harlem,” aka “The Harlem Suite,” a score on which Ken labored painstakingly and which [...]

Oct 302010
Theater Review: Body Awareness — A Lesson in Human Awareness

Body Awareness by Annie Baker. Directed by Paul Daigneault. Presented by SpeakEasy Stage Company at the Boston Center for the Arts, through November 20. By Chantal Mendes. Despite the vaguely suggestive playbills for this production, there is no actual nudity [...]

Oct 272010
Visual Arts Review: The Art of Leonardo Drew — An Abstract World Subject to Abstract Laws

Leonardo Drew has taken Louise Nevelson’s signature Cubist cabinets and turned them into something greater. By Franklin Einspruch. The career arc of Leonardo Drew began curling upwards over 20 years ago, and by the time his reputation had spread nationally [...]

Oct 262010
Fuse Books Interview: "Prejudices" Complete — The World According to H. L. Mencken

It is our good fortune that the Library of America has decided to make H. L. Mencken’s Prejudices, a mother load of uproarious, unruly, acidic reviews and commentaries on all things American — books, music, democracy, religion, education, food, women, mores — available.

Oct 242010
Book Review: Classic Coming-of-Age?—The Chester Chronicles

Kermit Moyer’s exquisitely written book, conceived with the greatest care and written with an art that conveys artlessness (the highest art of all), is a welcome addition to the American canon. The Chester Chronicles by Kermit Moyer. Permanent Press, 231 [...]