May 282009
World Books Interview: Daddy Colossus

By Bill Marx Sigmund Freud sets out a weirdly Brobdingnagian survival scenario for kids. Young children rely on their parents, dependent on the intimidating bounty and emotional whims of “adult” giants who could easily dish out too much smothering love [...]

May 092009
Opera Review: ‘The Bartered Bride’

By Caldwell Titcomb In “The Bartered Bride,” Jennifer Aylmer plays Marenka, who loves the farmhand Jenik, but is pressured to marry Vasek, the son of a wealthy neighbor. Boston has had the unusual luck of experiencing two major Czech operas [...]

May 082009
Theater Review: "Bacchae" to Basics

Sometimes I wonder if Euripides saw the very texture of reality as ironic. Saw the gods in their interactions with human beings as essentially playing. A frightening idea. But at least it entails the assumption that Euripides himself was not [...]

May 072009
World Books @ PEN World Voices Festival – A Critical Thought or Two

Widening literary perspectives is admirable, but as the festival matures somebody at PEN has to decide what World Voices is supposed to be. By Bill Marx My admittedly small sampling of the 5th Anniversary of the PEN World Voices Festival [...]