Apr 272009
Classical Music Review: Russians Do Russians

By Caldwell Titcomb Back for a return visit to Symphony Hall on April 22 was the National Philharmonic of Russia (NPR), founded in 2003 and not to be confused with the 19-year-old Russian National Orchestra. On the podium for this [...]

Apr 262009
World Books Review: A Sane Sense of a Warped World

An erudite, absorbing, and often very funny account of Russia’s pathological inability to condemn the Communist Party. Inside the Stalin Archives: Discovering the New Russia By Jonathan Brent Atlas & Co. Publishers, 335 pages Reviewed by Anna Razumnaya A certain [...]

Apr 262009
World Books Review: "The Twin" --  Isolation Made Compelling

A brilliant Dutch novel that explores the connections to the disconnected. The Twin By Gerbrand Bakker Translated from the Dutch by David Colmer. Archipelago Books, 343 pages. Reviewed by Tommy Wallach It isn’t easy to write a compelling novel about [...]

Apr 242009
Visuals Arts: Collection Mobility, The High Risk of Life On the Road

Is it more harmful for a museum item to be crated and shipped off to a loan exhibition or left hanging in its own gallery or storage facility? Do we see the scars of damage once they have been repaired? [...]

Apr 232009
World Books Review: "WetLands" -- Ick. Just Ick.

Charlotte Roche is one of the most famous authors in Germany. Thomas Mann must be spinning in his grave. Wetlands By Charlotte Roche. Translated from the German by Tim Mohr. Grove Press, 240 pages. Reviewed by Tommy Wallach On the [...]

Apr 232009
World Books Review: An Adventure Through Literary Time

An assured novel that celebrates, with considerable stylistic facility, an extraordinary engagement with the history of literature. Rex by Jose Manuel Prieto Translated from Spanish by Esther Allen. Grove Press, 288 pages Reviewed by Alexander Nemser Jose Manuel Prieto’s “Rex” [...]

Apr 202009
World Books Review: “Life As It Is” – A Wealth of Fetishes

Brazilian writer Nelson Rodrigues — a master at evoking the humor and pathos of out-of-control libidos. Life As It Is: Selected Stories By Nelson Rodrigues. Translated from the Portuguese by Alex Ladd. Host Publications, 314 pages Reviewed by Bill Marx [...]

Apr 192009
Theater Review: “Miracle at Naples” is “Muto e Dumber”

Commedia dell’arte performers doing their thing in the HTC world premiere production of “The Miracle at Naples.” The Miracle at Naples, a new comedy by David Grimm. Directed by Peter DuBois. Presented by the Huntington Theatre Company at the Stanford [...]

Apr 122009
World Books Review: Come, See, Conquer, Rinse, Repeat

This ambitious Norwegian novel works overtime to turn conventional notions of cause and effect topsy-turvy. The Conqueror By Jan Kjærstad Translated from the Norwegian by Barbara Haveland. Open Letter, 481 pages, $17.95 Reviewed by Tommy Wallach Riddle me this: if [...]