Mar 242008
Theater Views: Barker’s Back and Other Good News

By Bill Marx “I submit all my plays to the National Theatre for rejection. To assure myself I am seeing clearly.” — Howard Barker Given the New York Times’s unenthusiastic review of an off-Broadway staging of Howard Barker’s A Hard [...]

Mar 222008
Theater Review: A Shining City on the Yawning Heights

By Bill Marx Shining City, by Conor McPherson. Directed by Robert Falls. Presented by the Huntington Theatre Company, through April 6 at the Boston University Theatre. John Judd and Jay Whittaker gas on about a pesky ghost At their best, [...]

Mar 222008
The Collective Stupidity: Economics as Fiction

By Peter Walsh “But the trouble continued to spread over the country, and there were reports of big concerns, and even banks, in trouble.” — Upton Sinclair, Oil! (1927) No doubt there are still those who think economics is a [...]

Mar 192008
No Time for Purim — A Missed Appointment in Baghdad

By Gary Schwartz Israeli-Dutch Artist Joseph Semah’s Full Moon Project Five years ago next month I ran into a buddy of mine at Café Luxembourg in Amsterdam. The Israeli-Dutch artist Joseph Semah and I had been through challenging times together. [...]

Mar 132008
Cultural Commentary: Crunch Time for Arts Coverage at The Boston Globe

by Bill Marx A recent study in Editor & Publisher delivers the lowdown; with its circulation down about 20% in four years, The Boston Globe is in free fall. Two major investors in The New York Times, which owns the [...]

Mar 122008
Theater Commentary: Dead American Theater Walking

by Bill Marx In a New York Times article I wrote about earlier this week, dramatist Marsha Norman suggests ways to soften nasty stage reviews, which she claims chase audiences away from the glories of theater and into the decadent [...]