Jan 202008
Boston Foundation To Small Theaters — Drop Dead Please!

by Bill Marx A recent report from the Boston Foundation helpfully advises that if a small arts group’s vision “either dissipated or lost its resonance with its audience or supporters” the troupe should either die quietly or merge with other [...]

Jan 132008
The Collective Stupidity: The X-Box War

by Peter Walsh “Collective intelligence has no relationship to the stupidity of crowd behavior.” — Pierre Lévy, The Collective Intelligence The day before the New Hampshire primary, I went with a friend to hear George Packer, author of The Assassin’s [...]

Jan 102008
Fuse Flash: Anybody See the Fat Lady? Pollock Matter Affair Still Gropes for that Final Act

Just over a month ago, conventional wisdom had it that the long-running Pollock Matter Affair, one of the most contentious art controversies in living memory (see past posts in Arts Fuse and Anonymous Sources), had finally ground to a halt. [...]