Apr 102014
Fuse Commentary: Wes Anderson, Stefan Zweig, and Discovering the Value of "The World of Yesterday"

Perhaps a movie such as “The Grand Budapest Hotel, which is much more than a zany comedy, can lead us back, as director Wes Anderson may have intended, to the fabulous writing of Stefan Zweig.

Mar 312014
Fuse Book Review: Pierre Michon and his Many Artistic “Lives”

The books are bleak in that Pierre Michon provides no reassuring, idealistic view of the creative urge. Art leads to no transcendence, no permanent uplifting sentiment. Making poems or making pictures is a rough daily business.

Mar 192014
Fuse Book Review: Little Lamb, Who Tried to Kill Thee? -- Exploring the Story of Abraham and Isaac

In the superb “But where is the lamb?,” James Goodman takes up the numerous ramifications, moral and otherwise, of God’s chilling command to sacrifice Isaac and Abraham’s — perhaps more chilling — acquiescence.

Mar 142014
Fuse Book Review:  "The Haunted Life" -- Learning About What it Took to Become Jack Kerouac

“The Haunted Life” is little more than an example of the staggering amount of work it takes for a writer to find his voice, a testament to the years of toil Kerouac put in before forging a style all his own.