Jul 142014
Fuse Book Review: "Becoming a Londoner" -- A Record of a Charmed Life or A Life Made Charming

David Plante’s non-fiction and fiction are of a piece. There is the honesty of a writer who is willing and able to, first, face himself, then, write what he sees, and then, allow the world to see his seeing.

Jul 082014
Fuse Book Review: In "Europe in Sepia," Croatian Writer Dubravka Ugrešić Bets a Few Chips on the Future

Translator David Williams has hit upon a judicious combination of snappy repartee and dark underbelly that communicates essayist Dubravka Ugrešić’s rapier wit and black despair in equal measure.

Jun 272014
Fuse Book Review: The "Jewish Lives" Series -- Biography Simplified But Illuminating

YUP’s uneven Jewish Lives offers a series of short, accessible biographies that could become a significant literary mural, showcasing the scope of Jewish culture.