Jul 252015
Fuse Book Review: How Science Fared in the Enlightenment -- At the Halle Orphanage

Kelly Joan Whitmer does two things very well: she tells a vibrant tale of intellectual reform and shines a light on less prominent historical actors in the history of science.

Mar 302014
Fuse Review: Cyberarts's Art on the Marquee -- Digital Game Shorts for Now People

Whether art can comfortably exist in this thoroughly commercial frame is a question for the ages. Let’s say that whether this show succeeds is firmly in the eye of the beholder.

Aug 032013
Fuse Book Review: "Reading Ḥayy Ibn-Yaqẓān" — Rewriting the History of Ideas

“Reading Ḥayy Ibn-Yaqẓān” is a mesmerizing study that will enchant anyone interested in interdisciplinary, cross-cultural explorations of the history of science that transform the way we look at the past and the present.

Mar 202013
Fuse Visual Arts Review: Boston Cyberarts' "The Game's Afoot" -- Something Clever

None of these games engendered any suffering at all. They were already pre-designed for failure; a player has no chance of success. But isn’t part of the pleasure of gaming the repeated failures that, over time, lead to successes?