Roberta Silman

Feb 132015
Fuse Book Review: "Mr. and Mrs. Disraeli, A Strange Romance" -- But an Amazing Marriage

Daisy Hay turns her sharp yet sympathetic eye on Mary Anne and Benjamin Disraeli, whose marriage seemed unlikely at the start but which grew into something not only strange but, even in modern terms, amazing.

Sep 222014
Fuse Book Review: "In Certain Circles" and "The Last Lover" -- The Powerful and The Disappointing

Elizabeth Harrower’s In Certain Circles is a stunning novel about class and marriage and power; Can Xue’s The Last Lover is a tedious surrealistic farce.

Aug 272014
Fuse Book Review: "Love Made Visible" -- A Poignant Memoir About Life With a Boston "Renaissance Man"

We become participants in a chapter of American art history that raises important questions about what fame means, how much a part luck plays, and how we treat our artists. .