Roberta Silman

Jul 262014
Fuse Classical Music Commentary: The Boston University Tanglewood Institute  --  A Marvelous Experience For All

Precision and obvious competence were only part of the story. What made this concert from The Young Artists Orchestra so special was the joy conveyed by these fledgling musicians.

Apr 102014
Fuse Commentary: Wes Anderson, Stefan Zweig, and Discovering the Value of "The World of Yesterday"

Perhaps a movie such as “The Grand Budapest Hotel, which is much more than a zany comedy, can lead us back, as director Wes Anderson may have intended, to the fabulous writing of Stefan Zweig.

Feb 262014
Fuse Book Review: Appreciating the Life of George Orwell -- A Giant of the 20th Century

George Orwell strikes me as a man who was easy to love because he had a tenderness in him that runs like a stream throughout these letters and makes you feel, as you read, how much you would have liked to know him.