Roberta Silman

Apr 102014
Fuse Commentary: Wes Anderson, Stefan Zweig, and Discovering the Value of "The World of Yesterday"

Perhaps a movie such as “The Grand Budapest Hotel, which is much more than a zany comedy, can lead us back, as director Wes Anderson may have intended, to the fabulous writing of Stefan Zweig.

Feb 262014
Fuse Book Review: Appreciating the Life of George Orwell -- A Giant of the 20th Century

George Orwell strikes me as a man who was easy to love because he had a tenderness in him that runs like a stream throughout these letters and makes you feel, as you read, how much you would have liked to know him.

Jan 162014
Fuse Book Review: "Country of Ash" -- Another Essential Holocaust Memoir

We become increasingly aware that we are in the mind of a doctor who has taught himself to observe carefully, who has an amazingly strong will to survive, and who chooses not to waste precious time and energy on anger or revenge.