Margaret Weigel

Mar 302014
Fuse Review: Cyberarts's Art on the Marquee -- Digital Game Shorts for Now People

Whether art can comfortably exist in this thoroughly commercial frame is a question for the ages. Let’s say that whether this show succeeds is firmly in the eye of the beholder.

Aug 192013
Fuse Visual Arts: HarborArts “OccupyING the Present” Brings Boston Harbor to Life

The Boston Harbor Shipyard is a nifty setting for public art, redolent of old-school fisherman and maritime work. Its fading grandeur of weatherbeaten brick buildings, crumbling facades and stern signage sometimes rivaled the formal artwork.

May 192013
Fuse Visual Arts Review: "Convergence: Boston Sculptors Gallery Exhibits on the Christian Science Plaza"

The show was like topping a delicate wedge of artisanal cheese with a handful of artisanal trail mix. Both the Christian Science Plaza and the sculptures themselves are exquisite on their own, but together the experience felt disjointed and oddly incompatible.

Mar 202013
Fuse Visual Arts Review: Boston Cyberarts' "The Game's Afoot" -- Something Clever

None of these games engendered any suffering at all. They were already pre-designed for failure; a player has no chance of success. But isn’t part of the pleasure of gaming the repeated failures that, over time, lead to successes?

Jan 212013
Fuse Visual Arts Review: "City Of Work" — A Satirically Dystopic Vision of The Daily Grind

Artist Michael Lewy’s comprehensive, clever and surprisingly humorous take on an imaginary experimental settlement explores the ramifications of having human potential promptly assessed and harnessed for work, and work alone.

Nov 172012
Fuse Visual Arts Review: COLLISION18:present — The Expanding Range of Cyberarts

The more cerebral visitor may leave “Collision18:present” wondering if, like the classic definition of what constitutes pornography, ‘cyberart’ is firmly situated in the eye of the beholder (or of the curators).