Anthony J. Palmer

Aug 102012
Fuse Concert Review: Opera at Glimmerglass, Summer of 2012

The Glimmerglass Opera staging was outstanding in all aspects of production: the singing was commanding, costumes were lavish, the scenery was sumptuously displayed and changed smoothly from scene to scene with appropriate lighting.

Jul 152012
Fuse Preview and Interview: Talking About the Future of the Discovery Ensemble

According to conductor Courtney Lewis, it was very difficult for the Discovery Ensemble when it started out. But now it is playing more concerts than before, its education program is growing, and the quality of the personnel in the orchestra has improved.

Jun 132012
Fuse Concert Review: Aston Magna Turns 40 — A Rare Evening of Baroque Music Exceptionally Performed

Aston Magna suggested a minor bobble here and there, but its latest performance was music making at its finest: vigorous, thoughtful, appropriate in tempos, stylistic in dynamics, featuring suitably-integrated embellishments and well-directed ensemble work.